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Wholesale catalogue Los Angeles Apparel
by Dov Charney
Rabbit Skins American apparel Clearance



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562 Jerzees Adult Fleece
Crewneck Sweatshirt 13.5oz
695 Russell Adult Dri-Power
Fleece Pullover Hoodie
697 Russell Adult Dri-Power
Fleece Full-Zip Hoodie
698 Russell Adult Dri-Power
Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt
993 Jerzees Adult Fleece
1-Ply Hoodie Full-Zip 13.5oz
994 Jerzees Adult 1-Ply Quarter-Zip Hoodie 13.5oz
995 Jerzees Adult Quarter-Zip Cadet Collar Sweat 13.5oz
996 Jerzees Adult Fleece
2-Ply Hoodie Pullover 13.5oz
1572 Alstyle Adult Fleece
Crewneck Sweatshirt 14oz
1573 Alstyle Adult Fleece
2-Ply Hoodie Pullover 14oz
1574 Alstyle Adult Fleece
2-Ply Hoodie Full-Zip 14oz
4041 King Adult 55/45
Retro Pullover Hoodie 15oz
4047 King Adult 55/45
Retro Full-Zip Hoodie 15oz
4997 Jerzees Adult Fleece
2-Ply Hoodie Pullover 16oz
4999 Jerzees Adult Fleece
2-Ply Hoodie Full-Zip 16oz
5050 King Adult Premium
Set-In Sleeve Sweatshirt 13oz
5051 King Adult Premium
2-Ply Hoodie Pullover 13.5oz
5431 AA Unisex Fleece
Zip-Up Jogger
5454 AA Unisex Fleece
Raglan Sweat
5455 AA Unisex Fleece
Zip-Up Track Jacket
5495 AA Unisex Fleece
Pull-Over Hoody
5497 AA Unisex Fleece
Zip-Up Hoody
8011 King Adult Premiere
2-Ply Hoodie Pullover 20oz
8016 King Adult Premiere
Full-Zip Jacket 20oz
8017 King Adult Premiere
2-Ply Hoodie Full-Zip 20oz
8817 King Adult Premiere
2-Ply Hoodie Full-Zip 20oz
9010 King Adult Forever
Set-In Sleeve Sweatshirt 15oz
9011 King Adult Forever
2-Ply Hoodie Pullover 15oz
9016 King Adult Forever
Full-Zip Fleece Jacket 15oz
9017 King Adult Forever
2-Ply Hoodie Full-Zip 15oz
9026 King Adult Forever
Collared 1/4 Zip Pullover 15oz
9041 King Adult Forever
2-Tone Hoodie Pullover 15oz
9046 King Adult Forever
2-Tone Hooded Vest 15oz
9047 King Adult Forever
2-Tone Hoodie Full-Zip 15oz
9085 King Adult Forever
High Collar Pullover Hoodie
9086 King Adult Forever
High Collar Full-Zip Hood Jckt
9087 King Adult Forever
Hoodless Hoody 15oz
82100 Fruit Adult Supercotton
2-Ply Hoodie Pullover 20oz
82200 Fruit Adult Supercotton
1-Ply Hoodie Full-Zip 20oz
82300 Fruit Adult Supercotton
Sweatshirt 20oz
82CN Russell Adult
Cotton Rich Fleece Sweatshirt
82HN Russell Adult Cotton Rich Fleece Pullover Hoodie
F496 AA Unisex Flex Fleece
Drop Shoulder Sweatshirt
F497 AA Unisex Flex Fleece
Zip-Up Hoody
F498 AA Flex Fleece
Drop Shoulder Pull Over
F96 LA Apparel (F496) Unisex Drop Shoulder Sweatshirt
F97  LA Apparel (F497)
Zip-Up Hoody
F98 LA Apparel (F498) Drop Shoulder Hoody
HF07 LA Apparel Heavy Fleece Sweatshirt
HF09 LA Apparel (5495)
Fleece Pullover Hoody
HF10 LA Apparel Heavy Fleece Full-Zip Hoodie
HVT401 AA Unisex Heavy
Terry Club Jacket
HVT495 AA Unisex Heavy
Terry Pullover Hoody
MT497 AA Unisex Fleece
Salt & Pepper Zip-Up Hoody
MT498 AA Unisex Fleece
Salt & Pepper Pullover
SF6000 Fruit Adult SofSpun
Jersey Full-Zip Hoodie 10oz
SF7200 Fruit Adult SofSpun
Crewneck Sweatshirt 12oz
SF7300 Fruit Adult SofSpun
2-Ply Full-Zip Hoodie 12oz
SF7600 Fruit Adult SofSpun
2-Ply Hoodie Pullover 12oz