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King Fashions 100% Canadian
Company with a Mission:  "Best Canadian Garments"
 King Fashions Sewing Facility - Calgary, Alberta

King Fashions owners Phong Vu and Sang Mu are not only living the Canadian dream, they're offering it to others as heads of a multi-million dollar sportswear company that employs more than 100 people.

The brothers emigrated from Vietnam in the late 70's and by 1989 were able to start a manufacturing business on a shoestring budget.  Starting as a home based business (Phongs wife did the sewing), one can only describe their growth as phenomenal. 

The two are now employing the latest in technology to ensure they can offer competitive product prices without using overseas labour for their manufacturing. 
In fact, King Fashions provides its workforce, many of whom are recent immigrants still learning English, with competitive wages and both medical and dental benefits.

King Fashions has become a totally vertical operation.  In 2005, purchasing state of the art German machinery, they opened a knitting plant now located in St.Jerome, Quebec.  By using the finest yarn available in North America, they produce all the quality fabrics found in their clothing line.

St.Jerome Knitting Plant Makes All The Quality Fabrics Found In King Garments

The bolts of finished fabrics then make there way to the dye house, where using scientically calibrated formulas, their vibrant array of colours are carefully matched to ensure uniformity and consistancy throughout the line.

Bolts of Knitted Fabric Ready for the Dye House

The dyed fabric is then shipped to Calgary where it is run through a Bierrebi LTE automatic cutting system.  This state of the art equipment,  imported from Italy, minimizes fabric waste and cuts with greater precision.  This in turn results in faster, more accurate production at a resulting lower cost.  The cutting system, one of only a few in Canada, in combination with other steps in the knitting process, creates a preshrunk product of the highest quality.

King vice-president John Coupar says the company makes millions of garments per year and is distributing Canadian-made product through their distributor network and to promote the King Label, their first retail store in Calgary.

"I think the key is that we've invested in equipment, technology and the training of our team, and that keeps us efficient," he says.

"We don't have a large management staff or layers of executives either, which keeps our costs down."

King Fashions credits its success to the many dedicated employees and the strong support of its distribution partners across North America.

In business for more than 16 years, King makes T-shirts, sweatshirts, golf shirts, and its current most popular product, fleece hoodies, available in an industry-leading colour palette.

"Who knows how to make a good quality, warm fleece garment better than a Canadian," asks Coupar.

Vu is proud that his label means a garment that is totally Canadian made. He states "when you buy from a Canadian company, not only are you supporting your own economy but you get the added benefits of quality control, faster deliveries and quicker responses to changes in the market place."

Most recently King Fashions has made a large purchase of equipment (formerly used by Kelly Sportswear) to meet its increasing demand for Canadian-made garments in anticipation of Vancouver's 2010 Olympics.  Will Gildan's departure from Canada, it would appear to be a very timely decision.

Without a doubt, this innovative company is determined to prove that the Canadian garment industry can compete with the best.  This is truly a Company with a Mission.

King Fashions was proud to sponsor
Olympian Deidra Dionne, Bronze Medialist
in Aerial Freestyle Skiing at the Salt Lake City
2002 Winter Olympics.


Deidra Dionne & Phong Vu (Owner)

Updated Oct.1, 2006